Happy New Year

It's a New Year and with that comes new challenges and new adventures. 

My gap year goals were (and still are) to have adventures, not take life so seriously, and spend time with family and friends. So far I have followed that path and traveled to The Dominican Republic, Saratoga, Philadelphia, Boston, and Red Bank. I have been spontaneous and made plans at the last minute like joining the Holiday Art and Craft Show in Mamaroneck. I hope to continue this mindset in 2016. 

I already know this year I will start Graduate School, and join the Etsy New York Street Team. I cannot wait to see what else is in-store. 

Enjoy the New Year and all its blessings. 

Photo by Ashley Comer Photography  

Photo by Ashley Comer Photography  

Location Scouting

This morning my Mom, our dog Casey, and I went for a walk at Glen Island Park, to enjoy the water views, and some fresh air. While walking around I started to think about using this location for my upcoming photoshoot with my dear friend, photographer extraordinaire: Ashley Comer Photography. 

There is a lot of stone work, a castle, and beautiful Long Island Sound views to choose from. The stone walls and castle could be a great backdrop that evokes a wine cellar vibe, perfect for my company. Here are some photos of the park, and the incredible view. Welcome to my happy place.

Saratoga Springs Weekend Trip, A Beader on the Road

I took my beads on the road this weekend, and tagged along with my Dad to an American Institute of Architects Convention in Saratoga Springs, NY.

After four years of living in Savannah, I feel like I am experiencing fall for the first time. With every crunch of the leaves under my boots, and every beautiful, vibrant tree next to a distinguished old house, I remember of how much I truly love fall.

I had the opportunity to relocate my studio to a great cafe, Uncommon Grounds, in downtown Saratoga, and bead my heart out over a cup of coffee roasted in-house. 

Later in the trip, I joined my Dad on a ghost tour. We have not been on a ghost tour since I first visited SCAD as a junior in high school. Savannah is one of the most haunted cities in the United States, and there is not one person I know that has not had an experience with a ghost. We also toured of a 150 year old Adelphi Hotel that is being completely redone. 

Take a look at the renovations in the link below. A lot has changed since the article was written but it gives a nice over view.


It was a great weekend, take a peak at the beautiful fall foliage and stay tuned for new designs straight out of Saratoga!