Substitute Update

Since starting substituting I have been in the classroom everyday. It have been great to meet new people and see the students faces light up when they learn something new. 

I have known that I wanted to teach for a long time. However, it was always more hypothetical. Now that it has been a reality I feel like I have made the right choice. Every day has brought me so much joy.

I love my job.

I love that it is different everyday.

I love meeting new students.

I love the funny things that they say.

And most of all I love learning how to be a teacher. Watching experienced teachers work has been amazing. I have learned something every single time.

Today I sat in on a second grade class and the teacher was reading a variation of Cinderella. At the end of the book she reminds the students that the story is a Fairy Tale. She tells the girls that Prince Charming is not real and that he does not fall in love with you because you put on a pretty dress. Teaching students that Fairy Tales are fun to read but have no connection to real life is a valuable lesson that takes many people a very long time to learn. It was incredible to see that she is sculpting the minds of the future leaders in such a strong and truthful way. Because of her the students know that they can make their own way in the world. If you ever read this, Thank you for being amazing.