Our Schools in Jepordy

Around the country and the world our schools have been through quite a bit as of late. Between mass shootings and bomb threats it is feeling less and less safe, in a place that is supposed to foster learning in a nurturing environment. 

The other day, I woke up and got ready to sub just like any other day. I taught one period, and had one prep period. On my way to the second class the fire alarm went off. Everything seemed normal, it was a nice day, perfect for a quick drill. And then, we heard the sirens. Everyone's thought was "great someone wanted to get out of a test,". Not long after, we moved locations, and moved locations again. More and more police, and fire vehicles arrived from different towns and the County. There were officers in bullet proof vests, carrying machine guns. The students didn't know what was happening but the general consensus was that this was not a drill. 

At the new secure location, the teachers took attendance over and over again. I am so thankful that we did not evacuate five minutes later when I would have been in-charge of a whole class. Instead, I assisted with crowd control, and attempted to keep the students in their seats. The Principal addressed the students, announcing that there was a bomb threat on the school and the officials would be combing through the entire building to make sure it was safe. The students took it fairly well and behaved through-out the ordeal. 

However, we were waiting for hours. The students were getting hungry, restless, and tired. Snacks were administered, and when the all clear was announced we walked the students back to school. 

After arriving, safe and secure, we found out that a recorded message was left reporting a bomb threat in the school. The same thing that has been happening in spurts around the country and the world. It is terrifying that a computerized voice can leave a threat and cause so much damage. An educational day is lost, the community is worried, and the police must spend the day looking for a bomb that, thankfully, does not exist. To know that this hoax has been happening and still have to enact this emergency plan because, god forbid, this time it's real. We need to find out who is causing this, who is causing this type of terror, just for the panic that ensues. I saw comments on news articles saying that it is just some kids who did not want to take a test, and that is absurd. This is real. This is happening all over the world and we need to take is very seriously. At some point a school is going to get tired of hearing about these "robo calls" and they are not going to act and that is when it will be real. It is terrifying to know the story of the boy who cried wolf in the world of the robot who cries bomb. 

A New Experience

Today and tomorrow I am working in a special needs classroom.

They have been a shining light in my life since I first stepped in to be their art sub for the day. Being in this classroom has made me think about getting a dual certification in Special Education and Art Education. 

I have begun to get to know each student in the class, their needs, loves, and learning strategies. One student learned my name today and took an interest in my star nose stud. As soon as he noticed it, pointing and touching my nose saying, "Star!", I took it out. For the rest of the day noticed that it was gone and he said "Di Vitto! Star GONE!". He is so observant and, intelligent, that I cannot help but smile. 

Today I left the classroom, a little smarter in the dynamics of a classroom, and many smiles and hugs richer. I cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings. 

Substitute Update

Since starting substituting I have been in the classroom everyday. It have been great to meet new people and see the students faces light up when they learn something new. 

I have known that I wanted to teach for a long time. However, it was always more hypothetical. Now that it has been a reality I feel like I have made the right choice. Every day has brought me so much joy.

I love my job.

I love that it is different everyday.

I love meeting new students.

I love the funny things that they say.

And most of all I love learning how to be a teacher. Watching experienced teachers work has been amazing. I have learned something every single time.

Today I sat in on a second grade class and the teacher was reading a variation of Cinderella. At the end of the book she reminds the students that the story is a Fairy Tale. She tells the girls that Prince Charming is not real and that he does not fall in love with you because you put on a pretty dress. Teaching students that Fairy Tales are fun to read but have no connection to real life is a valuable lesson that takes many people a very long time to learn. It was incredible to see that she is sculpting the minds of the future leaders in such a strong and truthful way. Because of her the students know that they can make their own way in the world. If you ever read this, Thank you for being amazing.