A New Experience

Today and tomorrow I am working in a special needs classroom.

They have been a shining light in my life since I first stepped in to be their art sub for the day. Being in this classroom has made me think about getting a dual certification in Special Education and Art Education. 

I have begun to get to know each student in the class, their needs, loves, and learning strategies. One student learned my name today and took an interest in my star nose stud. As soon as he noticed it, pointing and touching my nose saying, "Star!", I took it out. For the rest of the day noticed that it was gone and he said "Di Vitto! Star GONE!". He is so observant and, intelligent, that I cannot help but smile. 

Today I left the classroom, a little smarter in the dynamics of a classroom, and many smiles and hugs richer. I cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings.